We are off to the South of France

It’s June 2016 and I’m at Heathrow Airport ready meet Tatu Baby and Reese Hilburn . From London we are to board a plane and together to Marseille France to attend the Cezanne Tattoo show in Aix-En-Provence. Informally known as “Aix”. I’m so excited because this is the birthplace of Post-Impressionist painter Paul Cézanne. Never a dull moment.. Reese calls… passport and credit cards were stolen while at the gym. You have GOT to be kidding me… Bartender more wine please ……

We land in the beautiful south of France city of Marseille and meet up with organizer Pitou. Marseille has the remains of the city’s ancient Greek port (which eventually became a Roman port). These ruins, dating back to as early as 600 BC, were discovered during a construction project in the 1960s.

Exploring Aix-En-Provence

We drive about an hour to Aix and check into Adagio Aix-en-Provence Centre which is centrally located in town. We’re check in and out to dinner with Tatu Baby, myself and Pitou. Plus,  Alli Baker from Oxygen’s Best Ink and her assistant Wendy joined us as well. Rose wine is known in the South of France, Provence area and thankfully it was flowing. One of the great things about rosé wine, besides the deliciousness, is that it’s affordable. A good bottle of rosé in France should cost no more than 15 euros. We are enjoying an evening dining at a historical Provence restaurant. It originally opened in 1792, called Les Deux Garcons. Wait.. a minute.. text from Reese.. she is getting a passport and heading to the airport! She arrives TOMORROW! Pour me another Rose’ please to celebrate!

Aix En Provence

Tattoo Convention at Pasino Casino

The welcome party and expo were held in a great casino called Pasino d’Aix-en-Provence.  “One of the most organized events I have ever attended” said Tatu Baby (Kat). Kat is non stop and tattoos 7 hour pieces each day Friday, Saturday and Sunday from people who booked with her before we arrived. There is a great MC of the event, traditional dancers, contests and performances. Fantastic convention!

Cezanne Tattoo Show

Inked Magazine France Photoshoot

We wake up early morning on Saturday because I organized a photoshoot with Tatu Baby and Reese Hilburn to run in Inked Magazine France . I could not thank Sarah Lechat Price, the beautiful fire performer and reporter of the Cezanne show for the insanely sick shoes she provided for the girls.

Tatu Baby

Off to Cannes

After a busy convention weekend, Monday morning we left our hotel at 8am and traveled 2 hours to visit the gorgeous seaside town of Cannes.  Cannes is a city located on the French Riviera.  The city is known for its association with the rich and famous, its luxury hotels and restaurants, and for several conferences such as the annual International Cannes Film Festival. We dine on the beach and after lunch find a little trolley train. The Cannes’ Little Train which takes you through both of the city’s sides, from the famous Croisette seaside boardwalk with its beaches and luxury hotels to the Old Town district of Suquet and its maze of picturesque narrow streets and 180° views. That evening we ubered over to the most decadent hotel  champagne bar Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc which is a place Kim K, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Angelina all stay here during Cannes Film Festival. It was FANCY!   Tuesday we head  back to Aix for the final dinner with everyone in Marseille France.

South of France



Marseille, a port city in southern France, has been a crossroads of immigration and trade since its founding by the Greeks circa 600 B.C. You can feel the history or maybe it was because I was exhausted with dinner starting at 9pm and ended at 12:30am..  You must be on guard in Marseille compared to Cannes. But overall this was a great experience exploring Marseille, Aix and Cannes. Happy to say I have sent clients back to this convention annually. Pitou and family are incredible hosts.

Click here to see the official show video. #CezanneTattoo2016