1. Call your cell phone company -know your plan & get DATA. Many plans have cheap “Passport plans” you can add. Do not rely on WiFi at convention (too spotty) and avoid going over data by adding cheap plans to your phone. Then you can go LIVE and show us your adventures!

2. Download Google Translate. This app is GREAT! allows you to us the microphone to translate a client tattoo request. PLUS, use the camera setting to translate menu’s and printed text.

3. Download currency exchange. After a few times of loosing money because language barrier, jet lag, or not just not knowing better… I like to use “XE Currency” app. It allows numerous currencies to load all at one time.

4. Bring Dual Voltage power strips and proper adapters. Too many times artists bring older power strips that knock out power to other artists. Make sure you have researched which adapters are best and countries voltage and frequency. There are extremely cheap options on Amazon. DO THIS!

5. Learn some basics of the language. Learn how to say, Thank you, Sorry, Excuse me, where is bathroom, etc. This takes minutes to do while waiting for your flight and goes a long way!

6. Customs – When you land you may be asked, “why are you here?” ANSWER: tourism. “Where are you staying?” ANSWER: Have your hotel/lodging details handy. You may be tired but be nice to customs and aware of their questions. If you have anything on your record, do your research or call us to inquire about the country you are visiting. More questions may be asked. If you have concerns email us and we are happy to help.


Knowing these Tips and doing these Travel TIPS will help you be prepared will let you travel without stress and ease at airports.


Next up Visas, Global Entry and MORE!